IP Address Ranges for Lease

IP Range Number of IPs
2 256 View details
3 1024 View details
3 256 View details
3 256 View details

Blacklist free

Guarantee that our IP ranges are not blacklisted in major blacklists.

Fast setup

We own all the IPs directly. No 3rd parties involved and no complicated contracts. The service setup is much faster.

Geo locations

Geo-location per client specification. Submission to popular IP Geolocation providers included.


rDNS Delegation

Reverse DNS zone delegation to your organisation's DNS servers. Alternatively host on our DNS servers.

IP Reputation

We constantly monitor the IP reputation of your IPs and notify you on incidents such as SPAM.


Letter of Authorisation (LoA) for the duration of the contract if your upstream ISPs require one.
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